8 Hot Dog Gadgets To Reduce Grilling Boredom

8 Hot Dog Gadgets To Reduce Grilling Boredom

We’re back, covering YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker’s second video in his hot dog gadget series where he puts 8 more hot dog gadgets to the test. We’re excited to bring this one to you in peak grilling season. He finds a few gems, a few busts and a few novelty items we know you’ll enjoy adding to your wide range of hot dog knowledge.

Below you can find the gadgets and how they work, where you can purchase them, how much they cost, what the reviews are saying and our own entertaining running commentary.




Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller for Grilling

– $19.99 from an Amazon third party seller

This is CrazyRussianHacker’s favorite gadget that he reviewed in this video. In fact, he continues to use it throughout the rest of his tests with his other gadgets. Why? Because it makes flipping hot dogs easy. By pushing the metal steel rollers across your barbecue, it rolls all 5 hot dogs at once, making the perfect hot dog easy to deliver.

The product boasts that you can avoid burnt or charred hot dogs, that it offers an ingenious rolling system and you will be the life of the party by delivering hot dogs everyone will love. Just make sure your topping choices are up for this next level hot dog life.

How To Use This Hot Dog Gadget

The Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller features stainless steel rollers that elevate hot dogs off the grate, and keeps flames from burning or charring. When it’s time to turn them, simply slide the roller forward or backward. When you want to remove the roller, insert the handle between the rollers and lift it out. Never lose a hot dog to the flames again.

Amazon reviewer Cassi gives it 5 stars. “it actually works. bought it for my niece and nephew and they love the hotdogs it makes. no charring and they get to cook them for them self when they are over for a BAR BQ. only suggestion is to let it preheat first.”

saracheri on Amazon says “Cooks dogs evenly and easily on grill. No more rolling off into the dirt!!” and everyone knows dirt covered hot dogs are just not the preferred topping of choice.

Cons –

Difficulty Rolling Bigger Hot Dogs

Amazon Reviewer Kelly White gave it a 1 star review. “Will not work with bigger, better quality hotdogs! I’m assuming it will only work with cheapo, lightweight weiners! Very disappointed!”





Spiral Hot Dog Cutter


This plastic spiral hot dog cutter comes with a 4 piece set designed to fit most standard sized products and promises to deliver a perfectly caramelized hot dogs, offering delicious and crispy bites!

How To Use This Hot Dog Gadget

Slice your wiener into a perfect spiral for even cooking; Will hold all of your favorite toppings better. Insert your hot dog into the tube and while holding it in place, drag the knife across the spiral pattern to create even slices that will hold your toppings in place.

CrazyRussianHacker reviewed 2 spiral slicers in this video, and this one did not meet his expectations. He liked how it came in two sizes, but this hot dog gadget used a lot of technique. You have to holder the hot dog in place at the end so the slicing was delivered evenly across the entire length. Then you have to manually slice into your hot dog with the provided serrated knife. The results were messy and not uniform what so ever.

Cons –

Hot Dog Massacre

Gary Putnam gave this hot dog gadget a 2 star review. “The first and very serious problem is that the little saw/knife units are heavily toothed and tear the hot dog when you cut them. The “saw” units can be vastly improved by filing off those teeth and making a regular smooth knife edge in its place. Whoever thought this gadget up was onto something good but failed to test it, apparently. If you remove the teeth and make a sharpened knife edge in its place, it will do really nicely.”

Flimsy Gadget

Gary Putnam second issue is “the hot dog cutting guide spirals are a bit too flimsy-they work better if you freeze the hot dogs first but that’s a lot of extra work.”

Size Does Matter

This product clearly body shames plus sized hot dogs as Amazon reviewer flip g baby! points out. “Only fits the skinniest possible hotdogs. i buy the cheap jumbo hot dogs for like 10 cents more a pack. they dont come close to fitting. sausages neither! only the skinniest type of hot dog will fit.”



Hot Dog Spiralizer Grilling Tool


The hot dog is a classic that’s been personalized over the years with a range of cooking methods and toppings as diverse as chili, onions, sauerkraut and of course ketchup and mustard. Put your own twist on your next hot dog and start a new tradition. The Charcoal Companion Dizzy Dog spiralizes your hot dog, making room for all the toppings you want and maximizing crispness and caramelization.

This Gadget also comes with a video tutorial that shows you how to use this product efficiently and make Dizzy Pigs In A Blanket! They look delicious.

Hot To Use This Hot Dog Gadget

Place the hot dog inside the Dizzy Dog and spin the wheel around the dog. The blade inside the wheel slices your dog. Once the dog is spiralized, remove it from the Dizzy Dog before placing on the grill.

Cons –

Difficult To Use

shadacamp gave it a 2 star review “Meh. Not that easy to use. Wouldn’t buy again. You can do the same thing with a knife, which is easier to wash too.”

Difficult To Clean

A. Wood says “I know that video makes it look so easy, and like it is a Flawless tool, but let me tell you don’t waste your time, that is the worst kitchen to live ever had in my life. This is an absolute nightmare to clean, it doesn’t cut, it sticks and it jams , trust me, you will be disappointed if you buy it, and you will throw it in the trash.”


Now you can please both the hot dog and hamburger lover when grilling! You will never have to buy two kinds of buns again when you have the Ham Dogger in your kitchen. This fun and unique tool is easy to use and makes 1/4 lb. hot dog-shaped hamburger patties. Spice it up, and make specialty dogs using ground sausage or turkey–or add other ingredients! Utilize this handy gadget at your next barbecue for food that will be the topic of conversation for your guests.

CrazyRussianHacker has difficulty with this hot dog gadget. It’s a great idea for those who don’t eat hot dogs, but he has difficulty with the Ham Dogger meat staying together on the grill. The only reason he is able to do it successfully is due to the roller gadget. Finally when he is finished with it, when he breaks it open it’s clearly raw in the center. Clearly there is different cooking timing needed for this to work safely.

How To Use This Hot Dog Gadget

Add ground meat into the bottom section of the Ham Dogger until filled. Place the top plastic piece on top and squeeze, creating the Hot Dog shape. Remove from the plastic pieces and place of the barbecue.


Spiritually Questionable

One of the questions asked on Amazon is “Is this a Christian product?”

JL Sick answers “This product is obviously satanic. Even looking at it gives me reason to order an exorcism kit from Amazon.” Followed by J. Loh Most certainly not!! This device will turn meat or vegetables, or whatever you stuff into it into a X-rated symbol! This product should be for adults only!” Finally Mark Garber settles the dilemma by stating “I am a Christian and personally see nothing wrong with using this product.”

Meat Stick To The Gadget

Jerome gave it a 1 star review saying “pure junk gadget, great idea but way too much work for the result. Foods stick and hard to keep intact after forming”

Difficulty Keeping It’s Shape

JWub says “I’ve tried to use this twice, the first just following the directions. I know, how hard could it be, right? Well, the meat stuck, then the roll of meat broke up. I tried it again a week later, using some cooking spray to coat the form. Same problem.”

Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill


CrazyRussianHacker had tremendous success with this hot dog gadget. His only issue was that it needs a plate at the front to collect the hot dog juice that leaks out. Other than that he really enjoyed the product and said it made excellent sausages.

This product promises MOUTHWATERING RESULTS, Ultimate ‘Surround-Browning’ Design, EASY TO USE, LESS MESS, ENJOY GRILLING ALL YEAR ROUND. Lastly, ‘Intellisense’ technology alerts you when Brats and Sausages are done throughout for fast, fool-proof grilling.

Cons –

Not For Cheese Brats

“The cheddar had escaped and got all over the sides and rear of the grill and all over my stovetop. However, I checked the internal temperature and the brats were all fully cooked, so it did it’s job.

When I took the plates off to clean the grill, it was a disaster. The cheese and grease had seeped under the bottom plate and there was burned cheese on the heating elements. Honestly, there was cheese and grease everywhere. I don’t blame the grill, it did what it was supposed to do, which is cook the brats. I don’t know if plain brats will spill grease out of the back but I guess I’ll find out.

I gave the grill 3 stars due to the difficulty in cleaning beneath the grill plate, and also because I can’t make my favorite type of brat in the grill. No cheddar brats is a real bummer.”


Pop-Up 4 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster


CrazyRussianHacker thoroughly enjoyed this product. It delivered a hot dog toasted to his desired perfection with buns that were also perfect. He also raved about how easy this hot dog gadget is to clean. The hot dog cages are fully removable and there are trays at the bottom you can remove to clean out the grease.

This hot dog gadget promises Great tasting hot dogs with Adjustable settings. It also works with other dogs: pre cooked chicken dogs, turkey dogs, veggie dogs, sausages and brats.

One question we deemed news worthy on Amazon is “Is the existence of this product proof that America has run out of problems?”

Lynn Kendall answered “No, it’s proof that America has run out of easy answers and just wants to play with toys. Or possibly proof that nobody knows what to get Mom for her birthday.”

How To Use This Hot Dog Gadget

Insert 4 hot dogs into the trays and open 4 buns and insert into the slots. To toast, adjust the toasting dial to your preferred doneness, then press down the control lever to start. Press the stop button at any time during the cycle.

Cons –

migirltina rated it 3 stars and gave an excellent review. “Let’s be real people, this isn’t supposed to be some magic hot dog maker that whips out $10 ballpark style weiners. If you don’t buy this thinking that you will be able serve a magical gourmet meal, then you might not be hugely disappointed. This is, after all, just a toaster that you can fit a hot dog and its bun inside.”

Blackened Buns

“The parts of the bun that touch the metal once inside of the toaster are going to blacken. There is a slit in the metal of the inside part of the bun placement, which is how the inside of the bun toasts. This makes the inside of the bun toasty, but its not going to have toast marks on it. The parts of the bun that will be marked are the parts that touch the inside of that metal; particularly the top part of the bun itself. You can tweak the heat settings to avoid blackening part of the bun, but your overall hot dog cooking will suffer.”

Does Not Fit All Sizes

“Regular and bun-length hot dogs will work in here, but nothing else. If you throw in your cheese filled hot dogs, you will have a mess on the bottom. It’s not extremely difficult to remove the parts to clean it up, but it does make using this appliance to cook those types of hot dogs a little annoying.
If you do choose bun-length or Nathan’s hot dogs, you will have to either turn your hot dog upside down after its initial time, or put it in for additional time. If you cook these types of hot dogs on setting 5, you will have a very hot and marked bottom part of the hot dog and a warm unmarked top part. I found that 2 cycles of setting 3 with rotating them in between worked the best. **Only cook the bun during 1 cycle for this method”

Unbalanced Cooking

“The last and most important fact of this appliance is that cooking only one or three hot dogs creates a slight annoyance. Its not that it can’t be done, but the metal inserts for the hot dogs themselves are only balanced while cooking 2 hot dogs at a time. So if you were looking to cook only 1 or 3 hot dogs, one of the hot dogs themselves won’t be balanced and will lean no matter how careful you are. While this doesn’t have a direct effect on the work-ability of the machine, it does have an impact on the part of the leaned hot dog that is touching the metal insert. You will hear sizzling and/or a little smoke while doing this. That part will now cook slightly differently than the rest of the hot dog because of this.”

Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Toaster Oven

The Cuisine Hot Dog Roller Toaster Oven Combo has 5 stainless steel rollers grill hot dogs evenly. Aluminum tray warms buns and cooks snacks. Features see through oven door and cool-touch handle. Rolling grill and heat indicators and a 30 minute timer with bell indicator and auto shut off to prevent overcooking. Removable aluminum grease tray for easy cleaning. Includes a dust cover to keep the rollers clean when in storage. Great for heating other breads and snacks.
Amazon user Art B gave this hot dog gadget a 4 star review with a detailed assessment.

“I was anxious to try it out after delivery today. It was lunch time so its a perfect time to enjoy some hot dogs.

After unpacking, I washed the rollers and plugged it in. Then I went and got my no contact laser thermometer, so here are my findings.

I set the timer to 30 minutes, which is max. With 10 minutes left I started to measure temperature. Starting in the center of the rear roller, ending up with front roller.

Rear…… 223 degrees
Next…… 216
Next…… 192
Front….. 158

This tells me the heating element starts at the back and moves front.

To further my experiment, I put 1 hot dog between the 2 back rollers, and 1 hot dog between the 2 front rollers. I took 2 hot dog buns and butterflied them open. The bottom only holds 2 rolls when you do this. I turned on the rollers and set the timer for 30 minutes and kicked back, pretending I’m at 7/11.

The results…… The buns were burnt hard on the bottom, definitely over done. The dog on the back was done to perfection, the dog on the front needed more time. I moved it to the back and added 10 minutes. Then it was done. The reason for under done is the front roller only getting to 158 degrees.

Round 2….. Both dogs on rear roller moving front. Set the timer to 30 minutes, push start. At the 20 minute mark, slip in the 2 butterflied rolls.

End result……. 2 dogs, 2 rolls, perfect! For the reasons I stated above, this is a 3 hot dog maker, the front roller pretty much useless. I’m the only one using it and I only want 2 dogs per meal, so its a keeper for me…… For $38 bucks I feel its a good deal. I would have given 5 stars if the front roller would come up to temperature.

I never see any reviews that give actual performance tests, I hope this helps someone to make their decision.

Cleanup was a breeze. After it cools off, grab a small scrubbie and a dab of soap. With the rollers still running, and the grease pan still in, gently wipe off the rollers till your all the way around. Take out the grease pan, wash it, put it back in, ready to go next time. Simple stuff…..

I still use my little hot dog roller everyday. I like the little sausages for breakfast. Brown sugar, 50 to the bag. I put 2 side by side x 4 rollers, so I get 8 every morning. In the evening I roll some brats. I have never bought an appliance I use so much. So easy to use, set the timer to 30 minutes and turn the rollers on. Simple stuff!”

Cons –

Smaller than Expected

A few Amazon reviews stated that you could only fit 2 hot dogs on the rollers and that only 3 buns fit into the warmer.

Inconsistent Cooking

Donna Ewing gave it a 2 star review stating “The hot dogs were over done in the middle….the ends were cool….the buns were burnt on the bottom….very disappointed in it’s performance”

Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer


CrazyRussianHacker uses this product and he reviews that the hot dogs taste the same as if you were to have boiled them, but in less time. All you have to do is add a hot dog in each slot then add 1 tbsp. of water to each slot and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds per hot dog.

This product boasts that you can steam hot dogs and brats in a flash! Clear cover puts a lid on spatters and holds heat and moisture inside. Use water, beer, broth, or even cider for juicy, delicious results.

  • BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic
  • Holds four 6-8” hot dogs, sausages or brats
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Cons –

Doesn’t Truly Steam Hot Dogs

Kirsten Clevenger gives this hot dog gadget a 3 star rating stating “I wouldn’t say this steams hot dogs. Tastes the same as hot dogs microwaved in paper towels. So it just saves you from wasting paper towels.”

Does Not Hold Large Hot Dogs

Cpt Roland Jarvis rates this item 2 stars stating “Does NOT hold large (fat) brat or hot dogs, no locking mechanism, spills on edges with regular dogs…..must be something better out there?”

Whether you want to grill your hot dogs in doors or outdoors, there is a gadget for everyone. Choose to make your life easier with hot dog gadgets that will save you time and improve your grilling technique or become the epitome of laziness by throwing your hot dogs into a grilling machine and let it do all the work for you.

We’re not here to judge, Let you Hot Dog freak flag fly.

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